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Sport fishing

Sport fishing for brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) is the main activity to be enjoyed at “Seigneurie Olaf”. Indigenous brook trout, commonly know as speckled trout, are the only species to inhabit the waters of this outfitter’s camp (allopatric population).

Located in the heart of the Croissant-vermeil, the territory comprises one of the most productive sites in Quebec. Speckled trout abound in this area of the Monts-Valins. Dozens of available streams and watercourses as well as the whole hydrographical network of the Olaf River teem with these combative fish of all sizes.

The outfitters conform to a rigorous and modern management plan which is based on the principles of durable development. In order to maintain these principles, managers:

  • Apply restrictive quotas to certain streams and watercourses;
  • Exercise a rigorous follow-up on all catches (fishing statistics);
  • Clean out some streams to allow for better circulation of fish;
  • Maintain and improve spawning beds;
  • Close certain lakes so that natural replenishment can take place;


The “Seigneurie Olaf” outfitter also offers packages for small game hunting (hares, spruce grouse and ruffed grouse) as well as for big game (North American elk or moose and black bear). These hunting packages include superior accommodations in cabins, hunting rights to an exclusive territory (with blinds or observation towers) as well as any necessary watercraft.

For moose hunting, packages entail a minimum stay of one week. Packages for small game hunting entail a minimum stay of 3 days. Moose hunting season opens in mid-September (early season) and ends mid-October. Small game hunting season opens in September and can last through until November depending on climactic conditions.

The “Seigneurie Olaf“ outfitters can accommodate only a very limited number of people for moose hunting. The territory, which is largely made up of zones of mature softwood forests, as well as mixed forest renewal sectors resulting from logging operations done some 12 to 20 years previously, has been subdivided into 4 hunting zones which each include at least 4 closed blinds as well as access to salt blocks with which to attract moose. Many small lakes and swamps supply the resident moose with all the aquatic forage they need.

Forests belonging to this outfitters’ camp are home to large numbers of spruce grouse, ruffed grouse and hares. Small game hunting packages start with a minimum 3-day stay, which includes superior accommodations in our cabins as well as hunting rights to the territory.

Sport fishing for brook trout is
the main activity to be enjoyed at “Seigneurie Olaf”

Resort Vacationing

Recreational activities during summer

In addition to the traditional activities of hunting and fishing, it is also possible for guests to the camp to enjoy a number of tourist activities too. The numerous streams and watercourses as well as the whole hydrographical network of the Olaf River are marvelous stings fo canoeing. The innumerable forest trails can be extremely inviting for off-road vehicle outings. The spectacular beauty of the surroundings and the varied and abundant fauna offer tremendous opportunities to those interested in photography and wildlife observation.

During summer, guests can enjoy the simple pleasures of walking or hiking. They can also pick berries (raspberries and blueberries) as well as wild mushrooms. All guests to the camp have access to foot pedal crafts located on “Émeraude” Lake and it, like all the other lakes in the area, are fabulous places for swimming, wading, and any other related water sport.

The camp offers stays (one week and more) for resort vacationing. These stays include superior accommodations in our cabins, as well as access to watercraft and to various other activities available in the area.

Recreational activities during winter (soon)

In winter, outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, wilderness skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing can be enjoyed. However, particular care must be taken in organising these activities as, during winter, the territory is accessible only by snowmobile.